Wow…I didn’t realize it has been a month since my last update. I’m still here! Life has been busy…weekly chemo, summer activities, and we even squeezed in a quick trip to Branson. I’ve been doing my Taxol every Friday afternoon, so we’ve been rocking and rolling! I just had my 7th Taxol infusion on Friday, so only 5 more to go. After that we’ll move on to surgery and then to radiation. Crossing our fingers that active treatment will be done before the end of the year.

Taxol is going really well. Yay! I’m working, in the office, Monday through Thursdays, plus the mornings on Friday before my treatments. I do get tired easier than before, which is to be expected, so by the time I get to the end of the work day, I’m usually pretty wiped out. I just typically take it easy and crash when I get home. Luckily, I have the greatest husband that takes great care of me and Sara. ❤ My eyelashes have almost all fallen out, so I’m debating on having falsies put on for now. My eyebrows are almost gone, as well, but I draw them on every day…so, it’s not surprising that their shape changes daily. LOL Oh! My hair is trying to come back in…peach fuzz…but it’s a start!

Check it out…there’s hair up there!

At my infusion appointments, they always do a CBC to check my blood and other organ functions. Everything is looking really good. My kidneys and liver are both doing really well, which makes processing the drugs easier and better! My white blood count has stayed within normal range, even without Neulasta, so it should be able to fight off any minor infections or things I could be exposed to. Yay! No more face mask when I’m in large groups of people. But don’t think I won’t give a hard side-eye to people at my office when I hear them coughing or sneezing at their desk! My hemoglobin is a little low, but still barely in the normal range, but that contributes to why I get tired more easily.

I mentioned a few posts back about the good stuff we’ve experienced since this all started. Let me begin by saying that we are surrounded by the most terrific family and friends! It’s not a surprise, though, right? People rally when you’re in your moment of need…and boy, did people rally!!!

My sister and a group of friends put together an amazing care package for me. My sister knocked it out of the park when she spent time researching what people needed or couldn’t live without, to ensure I got the important stuff. The toothpaste and mouthwash was so great…especially during AC when mouth sores are so common.

Me and my little sister

My best friend…God love her…had a blanket made for me, which she sent to me with a poem (that SHE wrote) that still makes me cry when I read it. Then before every chemo treatment, I would get a chemo-care card in the mail which would make me laugh. She’s so good at thoughtful and creative things like that I would never think of.

Our best couple friend made another care package to us, which included gifts for me, Clint and Sara. Who doesn’t need a fish stuffed animal?? But thinking of including some of Sara’s favorites made her feel special in such a polarizing time.

I know I’ve mentioned before my work family…seriously…if you ever get a chance to work at McKesson…DO IT!!! They are the best! By far, the most impactful thing for us was the initial support of allowing me to focus on my care and the continued support they provide. My bosses and other leaders have been nothing short of amazing in making this as stress-free as possible, all things considered. My team has just been absolutely outstanding. I’m truly blessed to have such a terrific team.

Some of the wonderful people I have the fortunate opportunity to work with!

Additionally, people I work with have stepped up to ease some of the burdens of managing a household during this time. My wonderful admin, and others, put together a way for people to feed us. We have received many gift cards to Uber Eats and Grub Hub from our McKesson family, which makes dinner easy on the days I have no energy. Clint can only grill so much…and cooking in the kitchen just isn’t he specialty. Ha! Beyond that, Jenn, Richard and Jeni sent us this HUGE box of food from Schwan’s…so good and easy! All of this doesn’t include the cookies, flowers and other goodies that people randomly send to us to remind us they’re thinking of us.

Our neighbors have brought food, had us over for dinner and dropped off little goodies for me as they see things. And it’s always at just the right times. God has surrounded us with the greatest friends!

Most days I feel like myself, and with my wig, most people would never know what’s going on. One co-worker and I were talking the other day, and she said she has to remind herself sometimes that I’m not well, because she forgets. You just have to smile through each day and know that His plan cannot be changed by being down about it or worrying each day. He is in control, so Clint and I try to just live every day as normally as possible. The support we receive from others helps make that possible and makes smiling easier. 🙂 Thank you for continuing to pray for us, think of us and loving us.

Getting my chemo on!

Proverbs 31:25

One thought on “July Update – More than half way done with Taxol!

  1. You are the strongest lady I know. Always praying for you. Xo your amazing! #cancerdoesnothaveachanceagainstyou! #Godsgotthis


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