Today was Port Surgery Day…meaning I had my mediport implanted in my chest. Rather than running chemo through a traditional IV in my arm, they’ll be able to access this port for every session. Additionally, the continuing infusions of Herceptin and Prajeta will also be administered through this port for the next 12 months.

Thankful for the Bear Paws paper blanket gown, although sizing could be better!

My doctor was a rockstar…she had me in and out of surgery in just at an hour. It was so fast, Clint was worried when they told them the procedure was over! She inserted the port under my right clavicle. She also did a biopsy of the second tumor in my left breast while she was in there, and placed a clip for future surgery reference. Like I said…rockstar!

Here we are…ready to get this done!

Soon I was eating my goldfish and sipping my apple juice…my reward for being a good patient.

I’ve had no discomfort since I got home…just been chilling in my recliner, watching TV and catching up on email. Later in the afternoon, the President and CMO of US Oncology gave me a call to discuss my diagnosis and current treatment plan. How blessed am I to work with people that introduce me to the top doctors to ensure I receive the best treatments…and then for those busy folks to call and offer their encouragement and support???

Once this bruising and incisions are gone, I’ll be left with this 3rd nipple looking thing on my chest for a while. Lucky me, lucky Clint!

Proverbs 31:25

7 thoughts on “Port Surgery

  1. You look good with that beautiful smile. I am so happy you are keeping a strong attitude. You should be a poster child in the lobby of your doctors office. A whole lot of women would not be near as scared with you as an example. I love you sweetheart!


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